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Knowing the approximate linear footage of fencing required can help contractors provide a more accurate bid. It's important to make sure the fence is installed within the property lines. Many regions also have local building codes that apply to fence heights. Several factors affect the cost of installing a fence【Get Price】


To spread the warning track material is $.80 a square foot. Materials 4 foot high fencing costs $15 a linear foot. Materials 20 foot high fencing costs $45 a linear foot. Labor. To install 4 foot high fencing is $7.25 a linear foot. Labor. To install 20 foot high fencing is $55.50 a linear foot. Ballpark Figure. Student Materials Page..【Get Price】

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A farmer wants to fence in 60,000 square feet of land in a rectangular plot along a straight highway. The fence he plans to use along the highway costs $2 per foot, while the fence for the other three sides costs $1 per foot. How much of each type of fence will he have to buy in order to keep expenses to a minimum? What is..【Get Price】

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Typical costs per square foot, except as otherwise specified. For paved areas between 500 and 1,000 square feet, deduct 10%; 1,000 to 3,000 square feet, deduct 20%. Over 3,000 square feet, use. Subdivision costs. Small separate pours of 100 square feet or less may run 25% higher. Hand mixed and spread could cost..【Get Price】