wood modification and weathering and erosion

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Keywords:Scots pine, thermal modification, artificial weathering, surface roughness, . thermal modification of wood has been known as a process enhancing wood ... Effect of grafted UV stabilizers on wood surface erosion and clear coating.【Get Price】

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modification of wood can be defined as a chemical reaction between some ... Weight loss and erosion of acetylated aspen after 700 h accelerated weathering.【Get Price】

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foundation, the science of chemical modification of wood was born. While there ... 700 Hours of Accelerated Weathering. WPG. Weight. Loss in. Erosion. (%/hr).【Get Price】

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Scots pine wood veneers were acetylated to weight gains of 5, 10, 15 or 20% and . Weathering of chemically modified wood surfaces . radial orientation during exterior exposure, but acetylation did not prevent erosion of the middle lamella.【Get Price】

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weathering and methods of protection of exposed wood surfaces are summarized. .. ically modified specimens, and wood erosion and erosion rates were low.【Get Price】

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Oct 31, 1992 . acetylated wood, severe intra- and inter- cell wall erosion was limited, . As with other chemical modifications, acetylation involves the reaction.【Get Price】

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6 srp 2018 . Naslov: Weathering resistance of modified wood - A review . checking, dirt uptake, wood cell erosion and growth of mould and staining fungi.【Get Price】

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Erosion is more rapid in the less dense early-wood than in latewood, which . or modified with some protective compound after natural weathering (Kropf et al.【Get Price】

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Wood cell-wall modification with acetic anhydride, lumen fill with methyl . the extent of swelling in liquid water; erosion due to accelerated weathering was.【Get Price】


Lumber species were southern pine, western redcedar, Douglas-fir, and redwood; plywood species . Keywords: Weathering, erosion, flat grain, vertical grain, wood properties. .. wood modified with chromium (iii) nitrate versus chro-.【Get Price】