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Generally retaining walls are used in Bridge Abutments and Boundary wall,Basement wall ..etc and it's designed for the retain the soil lateral pressure,【Get Price】

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Definition and Purpose. Retaining walls are structures that are constructed to support almost vertical (steeper than 70 degrees) or vertical slopes of earth masses.【Get Price】

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Feb 26, 2014 . Define retaining wall. retaining wall synonyms, retaining wall pronunciation, retaining wall translation, English dictionary definition of retaining wall. n. . Agency (Wasa) will complete the construction of retaining wall along Leh.【Get Price】

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Learn about the dirrerent types of retaining walls and how they are used. . techniques as found in the mortarless construction of the Great Wall of China and the.【Get Price】

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Retaining wall definition: A retaining wall is a wall that is built to prevent the earth behind it from moving. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.【Get Price】

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Definition of retaining wall in the dictionary. . the landscape needs to be shaped severely and engineered for more specific purposes like hillside.【Get Price】

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Retaining walls synonyms, Retaining walls pronunciation, Retaining walls translation, English dictionary definition of Retaining walls. n. . natural stone cladding- new construction of three additional retaining walls footbridge to existing street.【Get Price】

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A retaining wall is a structure that retains (holds back) any material (usually . in front of the wall, the required wall appearance and the method of construction.【Get Price】

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Retaining walls are relatively rigid walls used for supporting the soil mass laterally so that the . The wedge is defined as the soil which extends beyond the failure plane of the soil type present at . Construction types of gravity retaining walls.【Get Price】