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The high tensile non-electric fence (see Table 3) uses eight strands of 12.5-gauge high-tensile wire on 4-inch diameter pressure-treated wood posts. Posts are 20 feet apart. Bracing uses three 8-inch diameter posts and two 4-inch diameter cross braces on each end. Wire tension on this fence is maintained with springs and..【Get Price】

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Agri Supply stocks field fence, poultry netting or chicken wire, horse fence, welded wire, electric fence wire, hi-tensile wire, smooth merchant wire, barbed wire, hardware cloth, posts, and all the accessories . CCA Treated Fence Post, 4 to 5 In. Diameter, 8 Ft. Tall . 15-1/2 Gauge 4-Point High Tensile Barb Wire, 1,320 Feet【Get Price】

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Graduated spacing provides additional security at the bottom of the fence. Made with Class 3 galvanized wire to resist rust and prolong the life of the fence. 20 horizontal lines; 96" height; 6" vertical spacing; Class 3 galvanized; 12½ gauge high-tensile; 330' roll. Item # WH20-6. Weight 345.00 lbs. Catalog page: 8..【Get Price】

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An 8' high woven wire deer fence costs approximately $1.80/lineal foot to erect (more expensive than a solar battery high tensile wire deer fence); People view the 8' high woven wire deer fence as less aesthetically pleasing than a solar battery high tensile wire deer fence; An 8' high woven wire deer fence is harder to..【Get Price】

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High Tensile Fixed Knot Fence. ITEM. UNIT. PRICE. TITY. TOTAL. TITY. TOTAL. TITY. TOTAL. 8 FT BRACE POSTS 6"-7". EACH. $13.03. 0.00. $0.00. 16.00. $208.45. 16.00. $208.45. 7 FT LINE POSTS 4"-5". EACH. $7.27. 0.00. $0.00. 43.00. $312.45. 43.00. $312.45. 12 FT BRACES 4"-5". EACH. $15.95【Get Price】

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Jul 25, 2017 . Most fence posts can be spaced 8 to 12 feet apart. While this is a general criteria, it doesn't cover all scenarios. For instance, high tensile fence can have larger spacing, requiring line posts every 15 to 20 feet for field fence styles, and as much as 20-30 feet for high tensile barbed and smooth wire. Check out..【Get Price】

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I'm in deer country in Texas, here people use 8 ft fence to keep deer on their property. We had . But to keep out deer, an 8 foot fence is not required, (2) fences will do the same thing. . Does anyone have any recommendation for a source for high tensile woven wire for deer fence and how to install them?Shop Rolled Fencing at Lowes.com

Sierra (Actual: 330-ft x 4-ft) High Tensile field Fence Silver Steel Woven Wire Rolled Fencing. Enter your location. for pricing and availability. OK. ZIP Code. Compare. Compare. Blue Hawk (Actual: 50-ft x 4-ft) Rolled Wire PVC. Item # 44296 | Model # 840062. (12). Blue Hawk (Actual: 50-ft x 4-ft) Rolled Wire PVC Steel..【Get Price】

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However, the one-time cost of erecting a permanent 8 ft. fence may be offset by many years of a damage free area. Although deer can jump high and far, their eyes are located on the side of their head, giving them poor depth perception. A 3-dimensional electric fence will not serve as a deer proof fence, but can serve as..【Get Price】

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presents a truly formidable barrier. This high tensile wire mesh is extremely durable. Care must be taken to prevent spaces below the fence where deer can cl under. 8 ft. high tensile mesh is difficult to install and repair, and a 20 foot wide cleared path around the fence perimeter is recommended for crew and equipment【Get Price】

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This eight foot deer fence is manufactured to withstand heavy impact in both low and high pressure areas. With graduated spacings from top to bottom, . Our products are manufactured with high tensile wire that will not sag or stretch, and a solid fixed knot that will not unravel or break. These configurations are considered to..【Get Price】

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The wire puts a lot of strain on the posts so it is important to brace the ends or corners by placing two fence posts in the ground eight feet apart and four feet into the ground. A horizontal pole is then run between these two posts, reinforced by a diagonal wire that holds the brace system together. This forms a very strong..【Get Price】

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8 ft high 15-strand high- tensile strength fence,. Antelope-Electric fence designs: 6 ft, 6 in high. 10-strand high-tensile strength fence; 8 ft high. 15-strand high-tensile strength fence. Woven wire fence 32 in high with one barbed wire strand on the top. Elk-Power fence designs: 8 ft high 15-strand high-tensile strength fence,【Get Price】

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woven-wire or high-tensile fencing to reliably prevent deer from entering the area if feeding pressure is high. It may be necessary to utilize this fence type on smaller areas if a landowner's tolerance for deer damage is low. Keep in mind that standard or high-tensile game fences at least 8 feet in height are the ONLY full-proof..【Get Price】

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High tensile non-electric fences are constructed using 8 to 10 plus strands of smooth high-tensile galvanized wire. Springs are used to maintain wire tension and . One 16-foot metal gate was Included, and double brace posts were used at each corner. The woven wire fence had 4-inch diameter treated wood posts 12 feet..【Get Price】

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Stay-Tuff, Solidlock (previously known as Tightlock), and Max Loc are the major brand name High Tensile, Class III, Fixed Knot fencing products available on the market today. All are manufactured with the same . no apparant visible differences. Also, check out our 8' tall economy game fence, a more affordable alternative【Get Price】

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K Fence high tensile fencing is suitable for traditional farm fence applications and for exotic animal fencing (elk or red-tailed deer), there is an 8' high tensile woven wire. Wire fence . and 12 foot lengths. We recommend eight foot posts for livestock fencing, ten foot posts for specialty fencing, & twelve foot posts for 8' fences【Get Price】

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We recommend this 8' x 330' solid lock fixed knot fence for use in lawn and gardens with high deer traffic. This black coated 8 foot wire fence contains high tensile steel wire that, due to its high carbon content, is stronger and lighter than other types of metal deer fence. This galvanized fence in black coating resists corrosion..【Get Price】