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Iran's Nuclear Capabilities Fast Facts - CNN -

6 days ago . The report concludes Iran does not yet have a nuclear weapon but does have enough low-enriched uranium for a single nuclear weapon. An official at the IAEA cautions about ding such conclusions. The IAEA says Iran's stock of low-enriched uranium would have to be turned into highly enriched..【Get Price】

Bullet-riddled cars and lush gardens: Iran's memorial to its 'nuclear .

Jul 2, 2015 . In the evenings, most people go to the gardens and to the lake where there are Iranian shows. People want entertainment, and this is sad. Youth in this country are under pressure. They want to enjoy themselves. The problem is not the nuclear agreement. The problem is inside Iran. Unless people want..【Get Price】

Pushing Back Against Iran: What About The Nuclear Deal?

Feb 16, 2018 . As I have discussed at great length elsewhere, the likelihood that Iran would use a nuclear weapon once it acquired one is extremely low. Iran's leadership has repeatedly demonstrated that it understands deterrence, respects the military power of the United States, and is willing to back down whenever it..【Get Price】

Iran nuclear deal: Main points | The Times of Israel

Reducing Iran's pre-deal stockpile of 12 tons of low-enriched uranium enough for several nuclear weapons if further enriched to 300 kilograms (660 pounds), a ceiling that will last for 15 years. Only enrichment to low purities is allowed, and for 15 years. Limiting specific research and development (R&D) activities【Get Price】

Iran nuclear deal: Key details - BBC News

There are two uranium enrichment facilities in Iran - Natanz and Fordo - where uranium hexafluoride gas is fed into centrifuges to separate out the most fissile isotope U-235. Low-enriched uranium, which has a 3%-4% concentration of U-235, can be used to produce fuel for nuclear power plants. But it can also be enriched..【Get Price】